ABGESAGT: In The End – A New Beginning?

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Panel discussion on present stakes in US-Iran relations: Options for German foreign policy

Organizer: American-German Business Club e. V.

Location: Presseclub Wiesbaden e. V., Villa Clementine, Kleine Wilhelmstraße 18, 65189 Wiesbaden

Professor Dr. Neamat Nojumi, George Mason University, Washington DC
Dustin Dehéz, Manatee Global Advisors

The non-proliferation treaty with Iran, negotiated by the members of the UN security council and Germany as a non-permanent member in 2015, was to serve de-escalation between regional powers in the Middle East, and this was in European and German interest. The one-sided repeal by the US in 2018 affected those interests and put the established relationship between the US, Europe, and Germany into question.
Two years later, regional crises keep lingering on, the quest for power in the Middle East has intensified, with crises turning into conflicts, and some of them escalating into war, while subsequent sanctions and the assassination of General Suleimani, a key figure in the military escalations, did not serve the intent of the repeal, i.e. a re-negotiation of the deal suiting American security interests better.
This year’s Munich Security Conference seems to have provided a platform for the involved actors to state their positions more clearly. Are there any options for a German foreign policy initiative to start a new, constructive dialogue between the US and Iran? Will an ongoing dialogue also help to improve US-German relations?